Love God of War? There’s Still a Multiplayer Community

My name is Ryan, and I am a God of War addict. If could collect and reassign all the time I spent playing the previous God of War titles, including playing through the game multiple times on every difficulty setting, and replays on the recent HD re-releases, I could have read War and Peace. Seven or eight times. Hell, I could have written War and Peace. There is something sublime about the way these games play. Part of this watered-down attitude is the inevitable result of the game being a prequel. Part of it comes from a story that lacks the bombastic, wildly over-the-top plots of the previous games. The levels lack that flair and sense of wonder from before, as well.

‘God of War: Ascension’ developer diary looks at multiplayer

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Sony Santa Monica is currently running a double XP weekend for all God of War: Ascension multiplayer modes, the company announced via press release.

Players can take advantage of double XP until Monday at 7 a. The double XP weekend comes alongside the 1.

The next update for God of War: Ascension will address some issues with multiplayer as well as add a couple of features. Improvements to matchmaking are also in the works Are you still playing Ascension’s multiplayer?

What do you guys think? I loved the PS2 games, skipped 3, but the Power Stone elements of the multiplayer are really piquing my interest. To those that bought the game, was it worth it? Are there a lot of people playing the multiplayer? Does it have a lot of replayability, or is it limited? I love all the gods of war. I appreciate them for what they are. Critics seem to want to much from kratos these days.

He is a bad ass and he fucks things up. That’s all he is and all he was ever meant to be. God of war 3 is triumphant. Ascension a little less so. I’ve played about 3 hours of multiplayer so far and even though I always get stuck with a shit team, I like it. It’s pretty good and I’m liking the campaign so far.

Part II: Looking back on some of the best video game sequels

Seven years after The Last of Us was released, Part II picks up five years after the first one left off and follows Ellie and Joel’s continued efforts to survive in a postapocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a deadly disease. As groundbreaking as the first game was for the level and depth of storytelling and compelling characters it introduced, Part II is already being met with rave reviews and is even more cinematic, emotional, diverse and gruesome than the first game.

It remains to be seen how players will react to this sequel, though early reviews indicate Part II might be even better than the game that spawned it. Making a worthy sequel to a beloved game is no easy task, and fans will not be shy about criticizing developers when the second game doesn’t live up to the first. With games commonly taking several years to produce, the lengthy time between games can lead to extremely high expectations as anticipation builds up. Sometimes, though, developers do manage to strike gold and produce a work that lives up to or even surpasses the original.

God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer update, outlined by Sony are the biggest priority there, but problems with matchmaking and certain.

News 35 Yesterday, Danger Close updated Medal of Honor: Warfighter servers across all platforms with a few, much-needed fixes and tweaks, including the infamous falling-through-the-map bug. From the Battlelog, here are the notes: Addressed spawning issues on Multiplayer maps where the user was spawning incorrectly and occasionally falling through the ground Player should no longer see stat […].

The trophy list all but confirms that the final roster will consist of 20 characters, which are: Please note that […]. News 60 Senior game design director David Vonderhaar of Treyarch reveals that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer matchmaking will be based on latency and ping rather than region. Currently, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 uses a region-based matchmaking system, meaning players are paired with others within the same region if possible. A latency or […]. It quickly became the favorite of many Black Ops vets due […].

While a multiplayer expansion at its core, in a sense, it also happens to be an expansion of the single player campaign. As you might know by now, Aftermath takes place in Tehran at generally the same moment when soldiers […].

God of War: Ascension | Review | Broken Joysticks

Sony has revealed on its PlayStation blog a new update that will improve the multiplayer experience of God of War: Ascension. If you own God of War: Ascension, you will love the improvements that have been made to the multiplayer mode of the game. One of the biggest enhancements in our upcoming 1. With the addition of 10 levels for every God allegiance, we are introducing a new item, two new relics, and an ultimate magic for every allegiance. For our Champions who have ascended to the highest levels, and for those on their way, now you have a new goal to reach.

It will not be an easy journey.

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View Full Version : FH, the only fighting game where a grab can one shot someone. And by that I mean all of the ridiculous environmental kills. I would much rather there are no environmental kills in the entire game. Something silly like stumbling back from blocking a heavy attack, or your team mate GB’ing the enemy into you, or someone countering your GB — all of these things can kill you, and it’s utterly ridiculous.

Random circumstances killing your character should never happen in a skill based game. I honestly feel like I should be playing Shoots and Ladders or some other luck based game, with some of the kills that happen in this game. It’s nothing new Really? Because there are no one shot grab kills in Tekken, FN, MK, or any of the other awesome fighting games out there.

Worse, there are certain weapons, which players carry all time, hsa special power that can fling u halfway across the map and out of it, result in a ring out, instant kill. Oh and there were runners. He’d be back in a 30s to unleash similar Hades on your hide again. And my, there was Rage state where some poor champion can get triggered after being killed repeatedly so many times. There are also map specific cameos monsters that can be use by either team, or against both teams.

God of War: Ascension double XP weekend running until Monday

Matt M. That said, God of War III did paint the popular series into something of a narrative corner, so with Ascension we go back in time — Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta style — to check in with Kratos back before he was the bane of Olympus. Ascension takes place before all five prior God of War games, a mere six months after Kratos was tricked by Ares into murdering his own wife and child. Kratos has turned his back on the God of War, which has brought him to the attention of the Furies, a trio of ancient justice dispensers whose existence predates the gods themselves.

Goddesses from the Netherworld, the Furies capture and torture Kratos for breaking his oath to Ares, until his inevitable escape sees him — you guessed it — seek vengeance upon everything that looks at him sideways. It all sounds rather familiar, and that’s because the series settled into a comfortably brutal groove early on and has spawned more polished iterations of it ever since.

God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer mode is leveling up. Sony said the God of War: Ascension update will optimize matchmaking.

Thats without digital sales. Who is the lead antagonist. The maps are dull and the matchmaking is abysmal, to the point that. Through a rude twist of Greek mythology. When Sony announced another game in the God of War franchise, gamers responded with a collective “Duh. God of War is an upcoming third-person action-adventure video game in development by Santa Monica Studio and to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the.

N met een erg hoge instapdrempel. Except for a few bouts in Guild Wars 2, I’ve never been heavily into multiplayer combat. Simultaneously more of the same and less of the same, with a multiplayer mode that is as fresh as the single-player is familiar. But factor in a solid multiplayer mode, and Ascension does more. Pre-order nu God of War en ontvang nu 4 exclusieve shields. Optimize matchmaking,. God of War : Ascension will soon be updated to version, which comes with a fix to audio issues as well as enhancements to multiplayer.

Should end at around million life time.

The Last of Us

New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Sleeping Dogs launches the brand new Year of the Snake downloadable pack, featuring a set of all-new missions taking place after the main plot.

If the new game has reinvigorated your interest in God of War, you can still jump into God of War: Ascension’s underrated multiplayer mode.

Remember when the God of War series experimented with multiplayer? Back in God of War: Ascension on PS3, the series let players compete in bloody brawls with up to eight people. Bereft of a player base, the servers quietly shut down — or that’s what I thought, anyway. When I logged in to Ascension multiplayer servers, keen to get a long-overdue trophy for completing the tutorial, my jaw just about hit the floor when I realized there were other people in the lobby with me.

Yes, God of War’s multiplayer community is still alive and kicking. If you want to swear fealty to an Olympian god and savage your foes in a fluid, balletic manner that would elicit an approving nod from Kratos himself, you absolutely can. Given the gaming community’s reinvigorated interest in the God of War series, I imagine there are a few people who will want to at least give this feature a try.

Whether or not they’ll want to stick around for the long haul, though, will depend a lot on their own tolerance for diving into the deep end of a fairly complex multiplayer arena. I picked up God of War: Ascension about a year ago on a whim while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in California with my family. But I digress. But with E3 coming up, I figured that God of War would be the topic of the day, and Ascension was the only game I still needed to catch up on.

I blew through about one-third of the game’s excellent single-player mode in one sitting and then decided, on a whim, to see if I could still get into the multiplayer servers.

God of War: Ascension update increases level cap, fixes audio glitches

So adding a multiplayer aspect to it, with the same epicness as the singleplayer, is the step in the right direction, right? I had the chance to be part in the beta of the multiplayer that ended Monday and I was surprised how good it was and how good it fitted into the God of War universe. Only Ares and Zeus were available in the beta with Hades, Poseidon and another god locked out. And lastly Favor of the Gods is the standart deathmatch mode, where 4 players are thrown in a small arena and try to kill each other.

There were only two maps in the beta, one for the 8-players mode and one for the deathmatch.

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As expected of an expansion pack, the game features new units, new multiplayer maps and a new campaign. Matchmaking for multiplayer has been improved, and a variety of social features have been added to make it easier than ever for fans to play with their friends or to find appropriately skilled opponents. The Game Editor has also been enhanced so that aspiring game designers and creative types can use their talents to design better maps and mods for StarCraft II.

After the events of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty , Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades and leader of a race of power hungry aliens called the Zerg, has had her humanity restored by an ancient artifact and has been reunited with her old flame and companion, Jim Raynor. Still retaining her influence over the Zerg, Kerrigan vows revenge against Emperor Mengsk, the man who sacrificed her to the Zerg in the first place and who is responsible for the deaths of millions of Terrans the human race.

The campaign in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is different from previous games in the series in that the player is able to build up Kerrigan as a hero unit throughout the entire campaign. By completing missions and optional secondary objectives Kerrigan gains levels to increase her strength and to learn new abilities. Getting Kerrigan to her maximum level unlocks some absolutely devastating abilities, and developing her power adds a lot of fun to the game.

Also, the player can replay levels in which he or she missed the optional objectives, so it is never impossible to reach the maximum level. The player is also given control over how their army develops.

God Of War Ascension Matchmaking

Greek heroes are also featured, through use of specific armor sets. Some battles offer a certain set of rules to be met before completion, such as finishing off the map’s Titan in exchange for a massive point boost, although players are not obliged to follow them. The players take control of a nameless Redeemed Warrior , who escapes his prison cell with the help of the gods.

Questions regarding God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer. I’m just going to rent the game for a couple of days. I like God of War, but not enough to buy it (just my​.

Time limit is exhausted. Kratos, the ever affable hero hell-bent on murdering every creature and god from Greek mythology, returns to ascend to new levels of brutality in God of War: Ascension , the second God of War installment on the PlayStation 3, after the release of God of War III. A brief prologue introduces the Primordials, beings who antecede both the Titans and Mount Olympus; they created the Earth by throwing down, Supreme Being style. The war amongst them also spawned the Furies, guardians who capture and torture those they deem guilty—a lot in life they seemingly much enjoy.

Well, yes, he is—I am, too. As it stands, the narrative jumps between past and present, leading to encounters which lack the emotional heft a more traditional approach would have conjured. Gold trim adorns immaculate emerald halls; snow-laden wind swirls atop painterly mountains; and waterfalls flank an extensive stairway found deep in the jungle.

All of this is elevated by a surprising amount of subdued ambiance, as the sounds of rushing water and buzzing insects settle in after Kratos washes blood away with blood. Elephantaur juggernauts are new to the fray, and with them, a new gameplay mechanic. The quick-time events the series is known for are still present; however, certain enemies, such as the juggernauts, the new manticores, and the revamped gorgons, nix the timely button presses for something more engaging.

Kratos still has to pummel the enemy until it reaches a weakened state for a brutal kill to be engaged, but instead of following on-screen button prompts, Kratos must hack and slash with reckless abandon, while monitoring the enemy for its attack cues, and dodge the upcoming assault with the right thumbstick.

New Update Raises God Of War: Ascension Multiplayer Level Cap

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: God of War: Ascension /PS3: Computers & Accessories. Multiplayer wise – I can’t comment as this really doesn’t appeal to me. I wish they had.

God of War: Ascension ‘s 1. These new levels will enable a new item, two relics, and a new ultimate magic spell for the game’s four allegiances. The update will also include a multiplayer stats screen and a number of bug fixes. Audio issues are the biggest priority there, but problems with matchmaking and certain weapon unlocks are also due to be fixed in this update. There’s no official release date for the patch yet, but Napoli says it’s on the way.

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