Do Carl & Enid Get Together In ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics? Carl Has Another Love Interest

Enid is a fictional character in the television series The Walking Dead. She is portrayed by Katelyn Nacon for five seasons, and was promoted to series regular in season 8. Enid is an Alexandria resident. She is first introduced to Carl sitting on a bed with a book while Ron and Mikey show Carl their video games. When Enid leaves the community, Carl pursues her and on the outside, both begin to form connection signals. She often sneaks out of the safe zone. Eventually, Carl follows her out, but she sneaks back in away from him. Ron explains to Carl that she arrived alone and that it took her a while to speak to the other kids.

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TWD Preferences/Imagines. Fanfiction. I do Carl, Rick, Daryl, Enid, Ron, and Glenn. I will add more if you would like!

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I did not know this but Chandler Riggs confirmed Enid’s boyfriend is Ron (​Jessie’s older boy, and Carl’s new friend) and that’s why he didn’t kiss.

Austin Abrams is a versatile actor. That movie was released during the summer hiatus between seasons 5 and 6 of The Walking Dead. We know that in the return of season 6, Ron takes a very dark turn. The believability yet contrast of those two different roles impressed me, as did how he made his character one of the most explosive and dangerous without killing a single human being. I wish all the best to Austin in his future acting endeavors.

I am sure he has more great things ahead of him. Carl is meeting the other teenagers for the first time. He makes a point to tell him that Enid is from the outside as well. Mikey has a pool table. Let the video games begin. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, Carl! The next time we see Ron, he is donning a beanie with shirt untucked, straight out of a Pearl Jam video.

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She is a high schooler, she is dating the Mayor’s son Ron who is deeply in love with her but she doesn’t love him that much. She does use him a lot for stuff and money but most of all for power. She feels nothing for Ron and will always feel like that because she likes Carl.

Enid had helped an anxious Carl prepare for his first date with Sophia Peletier That was until three months ago when Enid started dating Ron.

Note: This story is dedicated to the memory one of my Best friends named Lucy. She was the one who introduced me to the Walking Dead comics and every Sunday we used to watch the show together. Nineteen year old Carl Grimes was exhausted. Between Police College and his job at McDonalds, he wanted nothing more than to go home, eat his food and go the bed.

Most nineteen year olds would be out partying, but not him, he was calling it a night. As he drove home in his old beat-up truck that had been a gift from his godfather, Daryl Dixon and his long-time Girlfriend Rosita, he hummed along to the tune of the Pretenders ‘I’ll Stand By You’ it was one of his favourite songs.

He had first heard it when he was hanging out with his best friend, Enid Rhee. He first met Enid when he was thirteen, she had been adopted by his next door neighbours, Glenn and Maggie Rhee, after she lost her parents. At first Enid had been very quiet and closed off, but after a few weeks she warmed up to Carl and her adopted parents. Enid and Carl bonded over their love for comics, often having debates over whether Marvel or DC was better.

They also bonded over their love for music from the eighties.

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Remember when Enid kept sneaking out of Alexandria and we all began to think she might be a mole for another group of survivors, like the wolves? Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid, spoke told Vanity Fair about her experiences about being accused of being a spy. One fan brought up an interesting point. Tensions form between Ron and Carl, making them instant enemies. She begins to see him as a father figure not only to his unborn child, but to her. RIP Sasha. She goes over to a savior with a basket of vegetables and asks if he wants any.

He throws the basket down and wants her knife. Enid sees Maggie as a mother figure and has taken it upon herself to be there for her no matter what. So what do you guys think? Could Enid have ties to other survival groups, or do you think she is a toxic character.

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Carl: Did you hear something? Enid: No, I just wanted you to be quiet. Request Prompt: A smut imagine for Carl where the reader was dating Ron before Carl showed up and she gets really close to Carl because they are both survivors and one day when they are hanging out one thing leads to another? Thank you!!! His hands roamed my body as he hovered over me and I arched my back. He chuckled and slid my panties to the side.

On The Walking Dead, Carl’s life has not been great since the zombie apocalypse began. Sure, he picked up some neat survival skills and a.

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Carrie’s single status speaks volumes at her book-release party; Miranda approaches the dating scene as a single mother; Charlotte has an unexpected visitor. Bunny: Frances Sternhagen. Enid: Candice Bergen.

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On The Walking Dead, Carl’s life has not been great since the zombie apocalypse began. Sure, he picked up some neat survival skills and a nice hat, but he also had to shoot his mother, watch people he cared about get their skulls bashed in, and deal with losing an eye. It hasn’t been a rollercoaster ride of fun for poor Carl, but his burgeoning romance with Enid has provided him a few moments of not-dire-horror in these trying times.

But is their romance an invention of the show or does it have a basis in the comics that inspired it all? Technically they don’t, because Enid is not a character who exists in the comics. She was made up entirely for the show.

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She is a former resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone , who took her in from life on the road after her parents were devoured by walkers while trying to jump-start a car. At first, Enid was distrustful and somewhat fearful of Carl Grimes , another youth who arrived at Alexandria with his group some eight months after her own arrival, but eventually she developed a relationship with him. Following the end of the war against Negan and the Saviors , Enid still resides in Hilltop and becomes Siddiq ‘s medical trainee.

In the years following Rick Grimes ‘ assumed death , she became Hilltop’s doctor and entered a relationship with Alden. Not much is known about Enid’s life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was living with her parents. She also used to cut her father’s hair. Enid and her parents had been surviving on their own for an extended amount of time. While trying to jump-start their car, Enid’s parents were killed by a swarm of walkers, leaving Enid by herself. Following their tragic deaths, she wandered in the wilderness for several months, and in order to survive, she followed her own mantra and had to recur to basic survival methods, such as eating what she could gather and sometimes wild animals like turtles.

Eventually, Enid wandered up to the gates of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, albeit reluctantly, and was welcomed in by the community. She lived with Olivia during her stay, and it took her three weeks to say a single word to anyone because of the shock that she had experienced outside. As time passed by, Enid entered a relationship with Ron Anderson and, because she was convinced that Alexandria would fall sooner or later, she started to sneak out of the community and spend time wandering around the woods to remind herself what the actual world was like.

Eight months after her arrival at the safe-zone, Enid lingers outside the walls when Rick Grimes ‘ group approaches the safe-zone gates.


It was Jon Snow! Just kidding. Though fans will likely pore over this final sequence looking for clues like JFK conspiracy theorists and the Zapruder film, it seems edited in a way to obscure the truth even further. Sorry, kids. Looks like it could be a while.

She’s Mine – Carl Grimes “Can I get a Carl Grimes/Ron Anderson love dating, and once he found out he told me he saw you staring at Enid.”.

Me and Carl had been dating since the prison. Right now we were in Alexandria. Rick had told us to go meet the other kids our age, so we did. I knocked on the door and we waited. Jessie answered. We thanked her and walked upstairs. Ron chuckled a bit. Ron seemed nice. The next day I was walking around the compound, taking it all in. It was peaceful, I felt like I could forget the outside world for once. I was walking alone for a while before Ron started walking next to me.

Have been for about a year or so.

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